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Welcome back to Music for 2019!

Last year was huge for our department, with big changes and new opportunities the focus of the year. This year, we’re aiming to go even bigger and better with more new activities to further our learning and musical development.

In Week 1 each class reflected on why music, and music education, was important to them. Students then had the opportunity to write their reflection in the form of a short sentence onto a leaf which they individually decorated and displayed on our “I Love Music Because…” advocacy tree in the classroom! I was blown away by the insightful, unique and interesting answers the students gave.

Some of the wonderful responses included:

  •   “I love music because it can shape people’s emotions and feelings.” – Sean, Room 11
  • “I love music because it builds up my confidence. It also makes my family into a happier place and it makes me feel that music makes us what we are.” – Dana, Room 11
  • “I love music because it is a subject where I feel I can embrace myself without being judged.” – Ryan, Room 9
  • “I’ve done music since I was a child and it just made me happy instantly when I was sad.” – Arthana, Room 8
  •  “I like music because it makes me fly (literally).” – Dayne, Room 11

This term we will be focusing on the skills of steady beat and rhythm. After all, the beat is the heart of music!

Our Year 1/2 students will practice holding a steady beat, playing simple rhythms with their bodies and percussion instruments, and basic music notation. They will learn a variety of simple singing and clapping games, and learn to respond to changes in music.

In Year 3/4, students will learn to hear, play and write more complicated rhythms, and will begin to compose and improvise their own rhythmic patterns. Students will experiment with different methods of representing music graphically, and will apply that knowledge to their continued ukulele practice.

Year 5/6 students will apply their knowledge to using different time signatures when playing and composing rhythms, including more complex compound times. They will use repeating ostinato patterns to create group performances and learn to correctly notate difficult rhythm patterns.

I look forward to another amazing year at Bateman making magic happen in Music!

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