Early Childhood


At Bateman Primary School we, the Early Childhood educators, believe effective teachers use an array of teaching strategies because there is no single, universal approach that suits all children.  We align our programs with the Early Years Learning Framework, the Western Australian Curriculum (including the Kindy Curriculum Guidelines).  We use the National Quality Standards to ensure we provide outstanding early years experiences.

We strongly believe in play-based learning with explicit, intentional teaching.  Our Mathematic and Literacy programs are differentiated, hands on, small group cooperative learning.  We put emphasis on the importance of being proactive by using early intervention programs that are evidence based. Our Early Literacy Programs align with our whole school Literacy Program.  This allows consistent tracking of students’ progress.

Students need to feel safe and happy to learn effectively.  We believe in educating the whole child. We provide a variety of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative experiences to be inclusive of all students with varying abilities.  We endeavour to create learning environments that reflect engaging, flexible and inviting atmospheres.  Our programming exposes and supports children in intellectual engagement, connectedness to the wider community with exposure to current, real world issues at an age-appropriate level, promoting inquiry and investigation.

Having a shared and effective pedagogical practice in our early childhood classes promotes the wellbeing of students, teachers and the school community.  It improves confidence and contributes to a sense of purpose.  Our routines and transitions provide safe and comfortable environments for children to feel a sense of belonging and encourage individuality.

We build positive relationships with each child and foster strong partnerships with families.  We communicate and work in collaboration with our families and community.  We engage support from other professionals to provide the best possible Early Childhood program, early intervention, and opportunities for our young people.

At Bateman Primary School we, the Early Childhood teachers, work as a collaborative team incorporating a whole school approach.  We endeavour to have resilient and happy students that are future ready citizens.