P&C Information

P&C Information

The Bateman Primary School Parents & Citizens Association is the voice of parents, guardians and the community within our school. Promoting community, fun and social connection is at the centre of what we do. We actively work with the school administration and teachers to improve the school experience.

There is a myriad of things the P&C does, large and small throughout the year from organising welcome and social events, parenting workshops, camps, school lunches and banking, painting murals and gardening, book donations for the library, among many, many other things.

One of our key roles is partnering with the school administration to provide infrastructure to support school programmes. One exciting example of this is the kitchen garden that the P&C built with the school community; which is now utilised as part of the science and cooking program taught at the school. More recently, we commissioned a friendship mural on the library setting out the key friendship rules from the new friendship programme currently being implemented in classes.

Essentially, the P&C is about providing opportunities within the school and also being involved in making decisions that can benefit your child. It certainly doesn’t hurt that you can make some great friendships and have a lot of fun being involved along the way. We particularly understand that many people are time poor and whether you can spare an hour every now or then, or have some more time available we would luv to hear from you. If you would like to come along to the next meeting we meet monthly and you would be incredibly welcome. Hope to see you there.

Welcome "old" and "new" parents and Bateman PS 2020...

It was a pleasure meeting some of you at our parent and teacher evening last night.  A big welcome again!  This week is busy one with our Men of Bateman (MoB) dads and kids event on tonight, and new year Welcome Sundowner on Friday.

As you may already know, our culture at Bateman PS focuses on "whole of child learning" with an active participation by our parents required to make it work as effectively as it can.  Our school has embarked on a significant transformation over the last few years with the support of the P&C and community.  Some of which you can visibly see, and a great deal has already happened and happening in the background.

So what's happening in 2019 and more importantly 2020 in the School's 50th year?  The short answer as much as we can with a student population growing to over 315 children.  We have some exciting projects planned (and already underway) in 2019, and have what we think are some great ideas to commemorate Bateman's 50 year anniversary. But (there is always at but), the more 'hands' we get from parents, the more we can do. 

On behalf of the P&C and Bateman PS community, can I please ask for your continued support in 2019 and if you're new to get involved - I guarantee you'll have some fun and a laugh or two!

Look forward to seeing you around the school in 2019.

Class Representatives for 2019

Please click here to see the list of class reps and information.

Australian Federal Election, Saturday 18th May - The Wrap Up

Thanks to all the parents and helpers that made our "Democracy Sausage” a success.  Elections always bring out some characters from the community and this year we were not disappointed.  We sold over 300 snags, 100+ bacon and egg role and the wonderful contributions from families of delicious cakes and other goodies.  To all the volunteers who helped run the tongs and the cash register, thank you. Funds raised are going back to the Sensory Garden project near the Chook Pen.  Have you see the work already completed yet?  

Entertainment Book Fundraiser is Back For 2019/20!

Print copies of the Entertainment book as well as DIGITAL membership! Support us here - https://www.entbook.com.au/8616k5. Get you orders in and support the school through your P&C.

Your Feedback and Get in Touch

We welcome any feedback and ideas you may have that would help benefit the children and school.  Please email batemanpandc@gmail.com or come along to one of our regular P&C meetings.

What's Happening on Facebook?

Have you seen photo's and video's from the Wellness Festival? Check out our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/batemanpandc

Next P&C Meeting - Monday 10 June 2019

The next P&C meeting will be Monday,10 June 2019 at 7:00pm in the P&C Utility Room. Come along, get involved - it is your school too! Drinks and nibbles provided.