P&C Information

P&C Information

Bateman Primary School Parents & Citizens Association is the voice of parents, guardians and the community within our school.  The school has a strong parent engagement where both mum and dad are always most welcome.  We proactively work with the school administration team, board and teachers to improve your child/ren's primary school experience.

There are a myriad of things the P&C does at Bateman.  Throughout the school year you will see parents organising welcome and end of year social events, parenting workshops, camps, school lunches, running the uniform shop, painting murals and beautifying the school gardens, among many, many other things.

One of our key roles in partnering with the school administration raising funds to help support core child education programs.  Exciting examples of this are the Bush Tucker Path, Kitchen Garden and Chicken Coop - all of which form part of integrated "whole of child" education programs at the school.  More recently, we commissioned a friendship mural on the library wall, setting out the key friendship rules for our U R Strong program.  

The P&C provides all parents opportunities within the school to contribute to your child/s "whole of child" learning experience that benefits all children attending today, and those who may attend Bateman PS in the future.  You also get the fantastic benefit of making some great parent friendships, leave a lasting legacy and of course have a lot of fun being involved along the way. 

As parents ourselves, we understand everyone is time poor.  Whether you can spare an hour every now or then, or have more time available, we would love to hear from you.  We hold a couple of P&C meetings each term (usually Week 2 and then Week 7) on a Monday night at 6.30pm.  Everyone is welcome.  Please get in touch if you would like any further information or speak with the school administration team.

Class Representatives for 2024

Class Group chats are now active.  Please email us to request to be added to the class group chats.

Project Ideas - P&C Project Request Form

To our wonderful Bateman community, as a P&C we are continuously looking for new ideas and projects.  We have produced a form that can be completed by any member of the Bateman Primary School community who is interested in proposing a project, activity or fundraising ideas to the P&C.

Just complete the form and either come and discuss it at the next P&C meeting or drop it off in the P&C Orange Box located at the front admin office. The form will be presented at the P&C meeting for discussion and consideration by members and then presented to the school Principal/school staff for feedback.  The form will help in making decisions and prioritising projects, whilst clarifying any funding and obligations to the school community.  Final decisions will be agreed upon in consultation with the school.

Entertainment Membership

Your purchase of an Entertainment Membership contributes to our school.

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Your Feedback and Get in Touch

We welcome any feedback and ideas you may have that would help benefit the children and school.  Please email batemanpandc@gmail.com or come along to one of our regular P&C meetings.

What’s Happening on Facebook?

Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/batemanpandc is frequently updated with events, pictures, videos and information on what is happening at our school.  Like us to keep up to date with what is happening and stay in touch.