P&C Information

P&C Information

Bateman Primary School Parents & Citizens Association is the voice of parents, guardians and the community within our school.  The school has a strong parent engagement where both mum and dad are most welcome.  We proactively work with the school administration team and teachers to improve your child/ren's primary school experience.

There is a myriad of things the P&C does, large and small throughout the school year from organising welcome and end of year social events, parenting workshops, camps, school lunches and banking, uniform shop, painting murals and gardening, book donations for the library, among many, many other things.

One of our key roles is partnering with the school administration to provide infrastructure to support school programmes.  One exciting example of this is the kitchen garden and chicken coop the P&C built with the school community; which is now utilised as part of the science and cooking program taught at the school.  More recently, we commissioned a friendship mural on the library setting out the key friendship rules from the new friendship programme implemented in classes (UR Strong).

The P&C provides parents opportunities within the school to contribute to a significant "whole of child" learning experience that benefits children attending today, and those who may attend in the future.  You also get the fantastic benefit of making some great parent friendships and have a lot of fun being involved along the way. 

As parents ourselves, we understand people are time poor and whether you can spare an hour every now or then, or have some more time available we would love to hear from you.  We hold a couple of P&C meetings each term (usually week 2 or 3 and then week 7 or 8) on Monday night at 7pm.  Everyone is welcome.  Please get in touch if you would like any further information or speak with the school administration team.


Welcome "old" and "new" parents and Bateman PS 2020...

It was a pleasure meeting some of you at our parent and teacher evening night.  A big welcome again!

As you may already know, our culture at Bateman PS focuses on "whole of child learning" with an active participation by our parents required to make it work as effectively as it can.  Our school has embarked on a significant transformation over the last few years with the support of the P&C and community.  Some of which you can already "see", and a great deal has already happened and happening in the background.

So what's happening in 2019 and more importantly 2020 in the School's 50th year?  The short answer as much as we can with a student population growing to over 315 children.  We have some exciting projects planned (and already underway) in 2019, and have what we think are some great ideas to commemorate Bateman's 50 year anniversary.  But (there is always at but), the more 'hands' we get from parents, the more we can do.  Please!

On behalf of the P&C and Bateman PS community, can I please ask for your continued support in 2019 and if you're new to get involved - I guarantee you'll have some fun and a laugh or two!

Look forward to seeing you around the school in 2019, 2020, 2021...

Class Representatives for 2019

Please click here to see the list of class reps and information.

City of Melville 'Project Robin Hood 2019' $11,140.00 - winner, winner, chicken dinner!

A HUGE thankyou to all the many, many people involved in getting us over the line with this by voting and contributing in different ways. Our "Bush Tucker-Indigenous Education Reserve" will be fairly unique among schools and a great way to rejuvenate the current "nature reserve" in line with our 50 year anniversary next year.

Having secured the funding, we will now be consulting with the school and community over the next 2 weeks (until Friday 21 June) to refine our ideas and gather final input. Our plan is to have a veritable cornucopia of bush tucker plants in there which are both edible and have medicinal qualities. These will be accompanied with educational dual English-Aboriginal signage (e.g. if you have a cut or bruise rub this on, or if you are cooking a roast use these bush tucker herbs etc).

We are also planning a contemplation/teaching area with a central sculpture (we have seen a stunning metal “Australian grass tree” sculpture which would potentially be fitting and then rustic logs etc). If you have any ideas, talents or would like to be involved (we are currently looking for an artist, draughtsperson or architect to draw some very informal plans if you can volunteer your time) please contact our friendly Grounds & Facilities team of Ali, Brian, Bruce, Casey, Tania or Mike. We can be reached through the P&C email batemanpandc@gmail.com or 0406 666 567.

“Sensory Garden” Update

A huge thanks to Ali and her supportive husband Ken for donating a funky wheelbarrow sculpture and the further amazing planting that has gone in over the last few weeks. Also many thanks to all the parents and community members who have been donating plants to enliven this area. If you know where we can source some old logs to frame the garden and demarcate the chook pen access we would be very grateful to hear from you. We have some logs in there but are a few short.

Entertainment Book Fundraiser is Back For 2019/20!

Print copies of the Entertainment book as well as DIGITAL membership! Support us here - https://www.entbook.com.au/8616k5. Get you orders in and support the school through your P&C.

Your Feedback and Get in Touch

We welcome any feedback and ideas you may have that would help benefit the children and school.  Please email batemanpandc@gmail.com or come along to one of our regular P&C meetings.

What’s Happening on Facebook?

Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/batemanpandc is frequently updated with events, pictures, videos and information on what is happening at our school.  Like us to keep up to date with what is happening and stay in touch.