Roles and Responsibilities

The Bateman Primary School Board’s main role is to be involved in the governance of the school, which means playing a role in shaping and
monitoring the school’s objectives, priorities and general directions. 

It is not the Board’s role to manage the school – that is the Principal’s responsibility. 

The main differences between School Councils and School Boards are that:

  • the Board signs off on a Delivery and Performance Agreement (which is a binding agreement between the Department of Education (Director General),
  • the School (Principal) and the School Board (Chair) that places specific performance and accountability expectations upon schools; and Boards take part in the independent review at the end of the three year DPA cycle.

The Board participates in:

  • formulating, endorsing and annually reviewing the school’s Business Plan;
  • processes to review school performance;
  • processes to determine satisfaction levels of parents,
  • staff and students; and
  • endorsing the school’s annual report.