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Access support for Apple devices and applications

Staff, students and their families can access technical support for Apple devices and applications direct from Apple using AppleCare Support. AppleCare Support is available at no cost to you and is provided through the Department's AppleCare Enterprise agreement.  Access to AppleCare Support is not based on the ownership of the device or application.  It is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide technical support for:

  • Apple software and operating systems
  • Apple applications such as Keynote
  • Personal Apple accounts or settings

It doesn't provide any additional hardware coverage

To contact AppleCare Support

  • phone 1300 760 237
  • when prompted enter access code 2961
  • follow the prompts to select your Apple device

2020 BYOD Rollout for New iPads 

It's time to set up the new iPads (not ones from last year with Zuludesk for 2020. There is a form for you to fill in and provide when  iPad(s) are handed in to be set up. Copies of the form can be found in each class or in the front office. The schedule for the BYOD setup for each class can be seen below.

Tuesday 18/02/20:           EC1 & Room 2

Wednesday 19/02/20:    Rooms 3 & 4

Tuesday 25/02/20:           Rooms 5 & 6

Wednesday 26/02/20:    Rooms 7 & 8

Tuesday 03/03/20:           Rooms 9 & 10

Wednesday 04/03/20:    Rooms 11 & 12

If any students aren't able to bring their iPad on the scheduled date for their class, they will still be able to hand their iPad in on any given Tuesday or Wednesday after the setup has been completed for all classrooms. Please note that any iPads that were set up last year do not need to be set up again this year, provided they have not removed their Zuludesk profile or wiped the iPad.

All iPads to be added this year must not have an Apple ID, Passcode or Find My Phone activated.  If it is currently being used, please back it up to iCloud and not iTunes to ensure that you will be able to access that information after Zuludesk has been installed.  

Any queries, please see Mr West or Ms Parry.

Zuludesk BYOD setup 2020

As we’re starting school for 2020, you may be wondering what steps need to be taken in order to get your child’s iPad set up with Zuludesk for the BYOD program this year. If your child has previously had the Zuludesk profile installed by us and it was not removed over the holidays, they can simply bring it back to school and it should work as it did last year. However, we do ask that any iPads still on IOS 12 be updated to IOS 13 as we’re no longer supporting IOS 12 or lower.

If your child is bringing a new iPad to school this year that has not previously been set up by us, we ask that you ensure the following steps have been taken before bringing it to school for the Zuludesk BYOD setup. This will ensure a smooth process to transition it from a home iPad to a BYOD iPad. Please note that the iPad will be wiped of all data as part of this process.

  • The iPad has been backed up to iCloud (very important if you’d like to keep any data)
  • Any passcodes or fingerprint scanner locks have been disabled
  • Screen Time is not enabled
  • Any iCloud accounts have been logged off from the device

Once the iPad has been set up with Zuludesk, the iPad is then able to be brought to school and used in the classroom as part of our curriculum. The iPad can freely be used at home as a regular iPad, but Zuludesk will ensure that it will only have the same apps and functionality as our shared iPads while at school.

If your child’s iPad needs to be set up for our BYOD program, we will be able to set it up for you at a date specific to your child’s classroom. These dates will be announced to all classrooms at a later date. We will be starting the process by setting up BYOD iPads for pre-primary students on Tuesday 18th February 2020. Please ensure you have filled in the form before submitting the iPad. From there, we will be working our way through every class up to the year 5/6 classes.

If your child does not submit their iPad on the specified date or if an iPad needs to be set up after this date, the students may bring their iPads to school to be set up on any given Tuesday or Wednesday after the BYOD setup process has been completed for all classes. 

Zuludesk Profile Christmas Holiday Concerns

As previously mentioned in the newsletter, we have recommended for any BYOD iPad owners that will continue to use their iPad at Bateman primary school in 2020 to not remove the Zuludesk profile. This is recommended because the iPad would otherwise need to be wiped again before being able to set it up with our school system.

Leaving the Zuludesk profile on the device over the holidays may seem like a cause for concern due to potential problems such as the school profile activating due to an error or a software bug, causing the iPad to be restricted. However, we’d like to set your mind at ease about this. Once the school term has ended, the Zuludesk school configuration will be completely de-activated until school starts again next year. This will ensure that the configuration will not be able to activate at all over the holidays.

To clarify, de-activating the configuration will not remove the profile that is installed onto the BYOD iPad. It will simply ensure that it is not possible for the school restrictions to be applied onto the iPad at all throughout the holidays.

Apple Screen Time and Parental Controls

Apple Screen Time is a tool used to restrict the usage of an iPad. It has the ability to set iPad time limits, specific app time limits, block apps, restrict web or internet usage and more. Parents are able to set up their child’s iPad with these restrictions using a separate passcode for access. We recommend that it be a separate passcode from the one used to lock the iPad so that the children cannot access these restrictions.

Up until now, our Zuludesk configuration would previously reset any Apple Screen Time and parental controls upon connecting to the school network with a BYOD iPad. We have now found a way to resolve this issue. From today, any Screen Time settings that are set up on a BYOD iPad will remain even after it has been connected to the school and also once it has been taken home again.

Due to the settings now being retained, any settings that are configured to restrict these iPads will also restrict its usage at school. As such, we ask that parents be mindful when setting up Apple Screen Time so that the iPads will still be able to be used for all class work. We do not recommend fully blocking web browsers such as Safari and Chrome at home as it will impact on the iPad user’s learning at school. The iPads are frequently used for research and other online learning tools such as Mathletics. We would suggest using Downtime (Found in the Apple Screen Time parental settings). This will stop the iPad from being used at all during the nominated times. 

If you have little to no experience with Apple Screen Time and would like to make use of it, we will be releasing a basic tutorial on how to set it up and use it. Please click here to view  tutorial.

Updating Your Child’s iPad to iOS 13

As you may be aware, Apple have released their latest iOS update, iOS 13 at the end of September. We are asking parents to update their child/ren’s iPads to this version to ensure that maximum security and efficient operation of the iPad is maintained. If the iPad is able to be updated, then it can be continued to be used at school.

You may find that your child/ren’s iPads may not be able to update to the latest iOS.  This means that it will be not be supported and incompatible with ZuluDesk from 2020 onwards. Winthrop Australia have released their family offer that includes the newest iPad.  This information is available on the school’s website.  When these changes take place, the following iPads will not be supported.

  • iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air

The following iPads are supported and may be used for our BYOD program.

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2

From 2020 we have removed iPad mini from the recommended list.  Whilst the iPad Mini may meet the recommended storage and operating system, the smaller screen size is not optimal for all apps in the classroom and does not meet the requirements of NAPLAN Online.

Can I remove ZuluDesk from my iPad over the holidays?

While it is possible to remove the ZuluDesk profile from your iPad over the holidays, we strongly recommend against doing so. Over the holidays, as long as the iPad is not attempting to connect to the school Wi-Fi, the ZuluDesk profile should be dormant and not in any way affect or restrict your iPad usage. Removing the profile should therefore provide no benefit, though there is a downside. If you were to remove the profile during the holidays, the iPad would have to be completely wiped in order to set it up with the school network once it intends to be used as a BYOD device once again.

Can I Restore My iPad from iTunes over the Holidays?

Please also take note that a BYOD iPad cannot be restored with an iTunes backup without losing all ZuluDesk functionality. This means that the iPad would have to be wiped once again in order to set up ZuluDesk, so defeating the purpose of restoring data to the iPad (from iTunes).

How do I Retrieve Backed Up Data from iCloud?

If any data needs to be backed up and restored to a BYOD iPad, it is recommended to sync the iPad to iCloud before installing ZuluDesk.  Then retrieving any data from iCloud once the iPad has been successfully set up with ZuluDesk for BYOD. This data should be restored individually and not using the full iPad restore option that can be done via iCloud because it would cause the same problems as restoring the iPad via iTunes.   Please refer to the BYOD Partial iPad Data Restore from iCloud Tutorial for further information.

Please click here to find instructions on how to restore backup from the Cloud.



ZuluDesk and Reconfiguration

If you have had your child's iPad connected to the school network through ZuluDesk and are having difficulty reconnecting and setting it up for home, please DO NOT reconfigure it or restore it to the previous settings as it will wipe the school's set up and it will need to be done again.  The first thing to check is that the iPad has connectivity to the home network through wifi.  Once this has been re-established ( you may need to give it a little time to do a check and reload any apps that are missing), look for the app store.  I understand that it can be found in a folder on the last screen of the iPad, so either do a search for it or swipe through to the last dot (at the bottom of the screen) and open up the folder there and see if it is there.  Once that is located, you will be able to sign in with your Apple ID and then reload all of the home apps back onto the device. Please note that if you live very close to the school, you may find that the device will change when ZuluDesk is activated during the week.  This will due to the iPad being able to connect to the school's network. Hopefully this will solve any problems however if you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Cath Parry and I will provide further assistance.  

We are continuing with our investigations as to whether it is possible to restore previous data onto the iPads.  We will forward the information to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding with this matter.


Zuludesk Removal for Leaving Students

All students that will be leaving Bateman Primary School at the end of this year will have their Zuludesk license revoked after school on the last Wednesday of the semester. This will be done automatically from our end, but please ensure that you have backed up any app data that you would like to keep from the school managed apps, as they will be removed once the Zuludesk license has been revoked. This can be done in iCloud backup settings by ensuring that the apps you would like to back up are enabled (Green) in this menu. Once you are certain that all of the necessary apps have been enabled for backup, back up the iPad by pressing the “iCloud Backup” button, then the “Back Up Now” button.  Be sure to back up this data before the last Wednesday of the semester, otherwise all data from the Zuludesk managed apps on the device will be lost. 
For any students that are in the process of moving schools now, if your new school requires your iPad to be set up with their system immediately, it can be done at any time. This is because you do not need to remove our Zuludesk configuration to be able to set it up with another school as our Zuludesk configuration does not lock your iPad to our school. Be sure to back up any data you will need to iCloud, then remove your passcode and/or Apple ID from the device before handing it in to your new school to be set up as it will need to be wiped.