Sustainability at Bateman


At Bateman we are continuing our journey towards students being mindful of the amount of waste that goes into landfill and the importance of being waste wise. Throughout 2021 our target is to make Bateman a Waste Wise School. We are focusing on the use of sustainable products allowing our school community to reduce the amount of waste we create and therefore decreasing our impact on the environment by sending less waste to landfill and decreasing our overall carbon footprint. To achieve this, we are encouraging the use of reusable containers, therefore decreasing the amounts of single use waste items. We are encouraging the school community to use less pre-packaged items, for example plastic wraps, zip lock bags, foil, juice/milk containers and plastic straws.

Students in Years 1-6 are working towards being Sustainable Superstars. Randomly, lunch boxes will be looked at to see if our students and families are working towards being waste wise. We understand that life is very busy and plastic can make our lives a little easier, there are no consequences for having plastic waste. If our students are able to achieve a waste free lunch, they go into our Sustainable Super Stars. The students then go into a draw to win an extra session in our Kitchen Garden or receive some sustainable products as incentives.

Every classroom is equipped with a waste, paper and compost bin. Our paper waste is collected and taken off site to a recycling plant. Our everyday fruit and vegetable scraps are collected daily and spread amongst our chickens and larger compost bins in the Garden. Soon we will also be spreading this waste to our worm farms. Using our compost bins and worm farms our waste will be working for us. Throughout the year we will be introducing soft and hard plastic receptacles, to direct our single use plastic towards being recycled into new products. Students will also be repurposing items and creating sustainable art pieces for our garden.

This year Bateman has become a collection point for Containers for Change. The school community can deposit their eligible containers on site at school. All monies raised will be funded back into our sustainability program.

We are aiming to:


Our new role for students this year across years 1-6 will be our RECYCLING RANGERS. These elected candidates will lead their peers in our sustainability quest.

If you have any queries regarding this program you can speak to Mrs Cribb