Lunch Order Information

Lunch Order Information

Lunch order options are available to Bateman Primary students and staff on Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Wednesdays (ordered from) Bull Creek Primary School Canteen using QuickCliq online ordering only.

Fridays (ordered from) Subway using Subway Order Envelopes (available from the Front Office).

Lunch orders are delivered to Bateman Primary.

Refer below links for our Lunch Order Procedure, QuickCliq Flyer, Canteen Menu and Subway Order Envelope.


Lunch Order Procedure

QuickCliq Bateman Primary Flyer

Bateman Bull Creek Canteen Winter Menu 2020 

Subway Envelope Sample (Fridays Only)


Completing Friday Subway order envelopes, please ensure:

•    Include student Full Name (First and Surname)
•    Include room number
•    Neatly tick required boxes
•    Select items that are listed only  – please do not add extra items
•    Include correct money, as change will not be given
•    Ensure envelope is well sealed to prevent small coins from falling out.

Subway Friday Drinks - Orange and Tropical Juice Temporarily Unavailable

Due to supply issues from the Eastern states, Subway are experiencing difficulties with the regular supply of Orange and Tropical flavour juices, whereas Apple Juice and Water is supplied locally. For now, only apple juice and water will be available. Subway will notify us as soon as they can restart offering all flavours again.  Sincere apologies from Subway for any inconvenience caused.

Please Note: If Orange Juice or Tropical Juice (or Choc Milk, discontinued since 11/06/19) is selected or hand-written on your order, it will be replaced with ‘water’ instead.

Ice Cream Shop – Fridays Only (Term 1 & 4)

Ice Creams, Icy Poles and Juice Boxes will be on sale during Term 1 & 4 on Fridays at lunchtime in the P&C Utility Room (for children in years 1 – 6).

•    Lifesavers Icy Poles $2
•    Frozen Yoghurt (Mango or Strawberry) $2
•    Billabong (Chocolate or Rainbow) $1.50
•    Quelch Icy Poles 50c
•    Juice Box (Just Juice brand: Apple/Orange/Paradise Punch) $1, available for a limited time