Sport & Physical Education

Hello and Welcome to Bateman Sport 2019 with Miss B!

Sport in 2019 at Bateman Primary School is going to be all about giving things a go, challenging ourselves and most importantly having fun! Students will have the opportunity to learn about a number of different sports including cricket, basketball, badminton, curling, European Handball, AFL and many more.

Sport, this year, will also include some exciting out of school events such as swimming and athletic carnivals as well as a chance to compete against other schools in interschool events such as Eagles Cup and Cricket carnivals. I cannot wait to see all of the students out there proudly wearing the orange and black.

So far in Bateman Sport, this is what we have been doing!

Lower School

From Pre-Primary to Year 2, we have been looking at all of the different ways that our bodies can move. As a class, we have all been brainstorming the different ways and making a list. We came up with running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, dancing and many more. We have also been looking at how to keep sun safe outside while playing sport by always wearing our hat and learning how to put on sunscreen.

Middle School

From Year 3 to Year 4, we have been looking at the sport Cricket and the skills that are required to play it. We have started off with learning how to bowl with a straight-arm and bunny ear grip and we will begin to look at batting very soon. In our lessons we have also been playing a game of Tee-Ball Cricket, which allows us to practice our batting and fielding skills in a game setting.

Upper School

From Year 5 to Year 6, we have been looking at how to use strategies and team roles in games to help us score points. We have been looking at what a captain and scorers role looks like and how they important in a team setting. Throughout this term we have also started to look at why warming up is important for injury prevention and what are some different ways that we can warm our bodies up.

We are off to a great start so far and I am excited about what is to come!

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