iPads at Bateman

ICT Vision

The Bateman School community will develop the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes to nurture students in becoming discerning and responsible digital leaders.

Our staff will be confident and dynamic leaders of technology.


Why has the school chosen the BYOD approach?

The advantages of a student using their own personal device are numerous. These include:

·         There is no need to wait for an iPad to become available to commence and complete work.

·         Not having to wait for another class to finish using them

·         Provides ability to work on internet related research

·         Ability to store media and documents without interference by other students, either accidental or intentional

·         The student’s documents cannot be edited or deleted by other students who might use the device.

·         Each device can be individual monitored. (Multiple device users would have to be recorded to be monitored. Even then proving who was

          using the device at the time of an issue would be difficult).

·         Wireless access provides the ability to email documents and search the Internet when needed.

·         The school is moving towards more sustainable practices and reducing our impact on the environment.

2023 BOYD Program