P&C Committee 2020


President – Glenn Beauchamp


Vice President – Mike Baldwin


Secretary – Mike Wilson


Treasurer – Sylvie Broadway


Services Coordinators – Siobhan Longshaw (Uniforms)/Kathy Stafford (Lunches)


Events Coordinator – Rachel Siu


Grounds/Buildings Coordinator – Alison Moore


Men of Bateman (MOB) Coordinator – Lance Koyd


Marketing/Communications Coordinator – Inae Twine


Newsletter Coordinator – Scott Kinnane


Book Club Coordinator – Karoline Caldwell


School Banking Coordinators – Monique Beyer/Amy Cha


Ice-Cream Shop Coordinator (Term1 & 4) – Amy Henry


Entertainment Book Fundraising Coordinator – Karoline Caldwell


P&C Members – Jemma O’Keefe, Melissa Comtesse, Klaire Wilson, Kellie Fearnall


The P&C are always looking for new members and volunteers to assist in many different areas such as lunch rosters, uniform shop, ice-cream shop, school banking and various fundraising and social events throughout the year, as all of these events and facilities would not be possible without our awesome volunteers.


P&C information and key dates are detailed in the fortnightly newsletter.  If you would like to get involved or would like to learn more about what’s involved, come along to one of our monthly P&C meetings or contact the front admin office and they will put you in touch with a P&C representative.


Glenn Beauchamp, P&C President                                                                                                                                                                                 

P&C Email: batemanpandc@gmail.com