Next P&C Meeting - Monday 10 June 2019

The next P&C meeting will be Monday, 10June 2019 at 7:00pm in the P&C Utility Room. Come along, get involved - it is your school too! Drinks and nibbles provided.


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P&C Camp Trip - Saturday 1st to 3rd of June - next weekend

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the school camp trip at Lake Brockman over the last two years, the same has been arranged for this year by the MOB on behalf of the school. Due to some administrative changes at Lake Brockman, there has had to be some slight amendments as to booking and reserving the camp sites. The P&C has pre-paid for the initial deposit to book the available camp sites.

If you would like to go, simply contact Lake Brockman (9733 5402) to provide your relevant information and inform them that you are part of Bateman Primary School and for P&C reserved sites.

We have the last sites left (24 and 28). These are already reserved by the P&C and once you have booked onto these sites, please reimburse P&C Glenn Beauchamp $30 for the initial deposit to reserve the sites for the school. Bookings are to be made directly with Lake Brockman including payments, but you must reference the Bateman P&C reserved sites as previously stated. These are the unpowered sites and should you prefer, there maybe powered sites available nearby.

For the new families to the school, this is a great camp trip and in a fantastic tourist park only a 90 minute drive from Perth. Fires are permitted this time of year which is awesome to settle in for the evening around a camp fire and roast some marshmallows with the kids. Look forward to seeing you all there.