Next P&C Meeting - Monday 6 May 2019

The next P&C meeting will be Monday, 6 May 2019 at 7:00pm in the P&C Utility Room. Come along, get involved - it is your school too! Drinks and nibbles provided.


Scholastic Book Club, Issue 2 2019

Orders are due by 3pm Friday 29 March. Orders can be placed online at or in an envelope in the secure box at the front office. Please include correct money (no cheques!) and the order form in envelope.


School Zhoosh Up Busy Bee - Friday 22nd March 3:30 to 7:30pm

Our first event to do a spruce up on the school, add some paint, some mulch and a general tidy up of the grounds will be on Friday 22nd March 3:30 to 7:30pm (week 7). We will be focusing on the Dean Road area starting from the Junior School fence (northern fence) to the driveway entry to the chook pen/kitchen garden; which is seen from the road. This will involve:

  • Painting the western and northern facing walls of the years 3-4 & 5-6 classrooms;
  • Beautifying the adjoining nature strip by mulching and planting;
  • Paving a pathway from the chook pen carpark between the demountable & year 5/6 classroom;
  • Painting the concrete paving at the front of the school past the bike shelter, front of junior school area up to the school noticeboard.

Things to bring:

  • Any paint brushes, rollers, drop clothes and painting tape you have at home to paint with;
  • Old clothes, a sense of fun and your appetite!

There will be a bbq and music to paint and zhoosh too and it will be really fun (and a little bit of work). Please contact our friendly Grounds & Facilities team of Brian, Bruce, Casey, Tania or Mike if you have any queries. You can reach them through the P&C email or 040 6666 567.

Thanks go to Shanti & Tomi Seiman for donating some limestone pavers for the pathway to be used during the upcoming busy bee!


Entertainment Book Fundraiser is Back For 2019/20!

The early bird catches the worm with this offer from Entertainment Book. Enjoy over $600 worth of early bird offers today by selecting DIGITAL membership! Support us here -


Bateman Primary Footy Tipping is Back For 2019

Ready for AFL season 2019? Will there be a Dockers Vs Eagles Grand Final this year as a few (well maybe one) person has predicted?

Get all your family involved (just $20 per entry) and enjoy some healthy banter, possibly win a prize or two and support your school in the process.

Please go to to reactivate your account (or create and join “Bateman Primary Footy Tipping”) and get your tips in (round 1 starts Thursday 21 March). $20 entry fee needs to be put in the Orange Box in the front office with your name, footy tipping alias name and "footy tipping" written clearly on the envelope.

It's going to be a BIG year :


Express Yourself! Crazy Hair Day - Friday 29th March

Show off your craziest most expressive hairstyle.

$2.00 participation.

Forms will be sent home in the next few weeks.


P&C Camp Trip - Saturday 1st to 3rd of June

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the school camp trip at Lake Brockman over the last two years, the same has been arranged for this year by the MOB on behalf of the school. Due to some administrative changes at Lake Brockman, there has had to be some slight amendments as to booking and reserving the camp sites. The P&C has pre-paid for the initial deposit to book the available camp sites. Therefore, once you have your groups established please contact Lake Brockman (97335402) to provide your relevant information and inform them that you are part of Bateman Primary School and for P&C reserved sites.

The remaining available sites are 24, 25, 28, 29 & 7. When you have confirmed your bookings, can you please reimburse Glenn Beauchamp (P&C President) $30 per site. These are the unpowered sites and should you prefer, there are powered sites available nearby.

For the new families to the school, this is a great camp trip and in a fantastic tourist park only a 90 minute drive from Perth. Fires are permitted this time of year which is awesome to settle in for the evening around a camp fire and roast some marshmallows with the kids. Look forward to seeing you all there.