iPad Requirements

The minimum specification requirements are:

iPad Air 2 128GB

iPad Air 5th generation 128GB (released March 2017)

iPad Air 6th generation 128GB (released March 2018)

iPad Air 7th generation 128GB (released September 2019)

iPad Air 8th generation 128GB (released 2020)

iPad Pro 9.7” 2nd generation 128GB (released June 2017)

It must be able to function with iOS 14 

Whilst the iPad Mini may meet the recommended storage and operating system, the smaller screen size is not optimal for all apps in the classroom and does not meet the requirements of NAPLAN Online. Therefore from 2020 for new students – iPad Minis will not be able to be used.

The recommended size for an iPad in an educational environment is 128GB. Items that can be stored on the iPad include Apps, photos, videos and other media. 128GB will enable students to store their work on the device without having to manage the content externally.

32 GB should be sufficient however, please understand that this will require regular storage management.

It is anticipated that a new iPad will have a useful life of around 3+ years.

iPad Compare Models September 2019

If my child already has a tablet that is not an iPad, can they use it at school?

Unfortunately, this is an iPad only program which means other devices such as Android or Windows cannot be supported.

The decision to use iPads is based on the following reasons:

  • The school requires iPads primarily to ensure the same applications are available across all devices.
  • This also extends to methods for submission of work and in classroom presentation on the projector.
  • Importantly our staff are and will continue to be trained to support learning and troubleshooting on iPads.
  •  Apple has an Education Team that provides guidance, support and professional development second to none.
  • Apple has a track record of supporting the iPad with operating system and security updates far beyond the supported lifetime of other tablets. Importantly these updates are available worldwide without delay. These two factors are considerable in terms of online safety and the longevity of investment in the device.
  • Apple has a rigorous vetting process of all Apps (this includes educational Apps) submitted to the app store.
  • Teachers have access to over 500 000 Apps of which 20 000 are designed specifically for educational purposes.
  • Teachers can facilitate a change in student workflow through the multi-media capabilities of the device. This can include the design of digital eBooks and iMovies. These applications are made only available on an iPad device.
  •  Of all tablet devices, the iPad is the current market leader. It has a responsive Multi-touch screen and a large, high-resolution LED-backlit  IPS display. The iPad is compact, lightweight and portable. A battery life of 10 hours will be adequate for the whole school day.