Welcome back to Science for 2021! I am so excited to be in this role again, one of the great parts of being a specialist teacher is being able to get to know everyone across the school. It has been a fabulous week seeing all the beautiful children of Bateman!

In our lessons this week the students were introduced to this term’s topic for Physical Sciences. We discussed what we will be doing but I also asked for their input into what they would like to learn. Each child has a cover page in their books which is also attached. It outlines the topic they are focusing on for the term and the specific vocabulary that they will be learning. They were also introduced to our class plant pet and we started a ‘name the plant’ competition. I look forward to reading their suggestions and choosing a winner!

Each term is a new topic, but throughout the year all our lessons are designed around the Inquiry Skills they are required to learn in Science. These are also mentioned on their cover pages and follow the process of question, predict, plan, conduct, process, analyse, evaluate and communicate. We follow these steps in all our investigations, but each lesson will focus more closely on one aspect at a time.

This week I have gathered some information about the student’s current level of understanding of the topic and their ability to conduct an investigation. This will assist me in targeting the right areas to build their skills.

The year 5/6’s have been invited to nominate themselves for a Lab Assistant position on the Science Squad. Four students will be selected by the end of Week 3 and announced soon after. The role requires students to come to the Science room each week at 8.15am on Wed/Thurs/Fri and they are required to assist with setting up equipment, helping during their lessons, packing away equipment and maintaining the storeroom. They will also be asked to assist with the composting and recycling programs. Students are not expected to make it every morning but as often as possible. These students are an invaluable help in the Science program and it is a great opportunity for them to show leadership in their school.

I would like to invite all parents / guardians to feel welcome in the Science classroom! My door is always open, and I love to hear from you! The student’s science workbooks are in the room in their class boxes, and you are most welcome to pop in after school if your child would like to show you anything. If there are ever any concerns about your child and their participation in Science, please do let myself or their class teacher know, and I can make plans to support them. I can also be contacted via email or phone. It is important to me that all students feel safe, happy and develop a love for all things Science when they come to my class!

Tania Allen

Science Specialist

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