Welcome back to Science for 2019! We have had an excellent start to our science program and the students have all shared what they would like to learn and do for the year. Lots of hands-on activities and experiments were the main requests!

We are learning about Physical Sciences this term which includes topics such as electricity and forces. The year 5/6’s started exploring with circuits and there was much excitement when they were able to make a circuit to power a light bulb or fan. Our Year 1/2's have had fun exploring different toys and what happens when we ‘push and pull’ them. In Year 3/4 we are developing a greater understanding of forces and conducting an experiment to measure the effects of various forces acting on objects.

It has been a great privilege meeting all the students and getting to know them in Science! I hope all our young scientists are as excited as I am to see what we can do this year.

Click here to read about what we have done this semester.