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Music at Bateman Primary is about building a community of musicians and developing a positive, supportive mindset towards performance. We aim to provide opportunities for students, no matter their speciality or experience level.

In the classroom, we use a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies, including the incorporation of ICT, tuned and untuned percussion instruments, and opportunities for composition, rehearsal and performance.

Our Instrumental Music program provides opportunities for select students in Years 3-6 to learn a wide variety of orchestral instruments, including violin, cello, double bass, trumpet and clarinet.

Our whole school ukulele program provides in-class sessions for all students on finger plucking, chord reading and strumming, tablature and notation. Extension students in Years 5 and 6 are invited to the Ukulele Ensemble, who meet at lunch and practice challenging pieces for performance.

Each fortnight, all students learn and rehearse a new Community Song, a popular tune with a positive underlying message. This is then performed as a whole school at the conclusion of each assembly, giving every student a chance to perform.

Our Junior and Senior Choirs meet every Wednesday morning before school. Students from Years 3-6 are given the opportunity to train and care for their voices, and prepare music for performance.

Finally, students from Years 4-6 are invited to participate in the Wakakirri Story-Dance Contest at the Perth Concert Hall each year. Students attend weekly rehearsals, learn choreography, and use their performance skills to tell a story without words.

At Bateman, we work to grow an uplifting and welcoming community where we value the arts and its role in developing the whole child. We can’t wait to see what our students do next!

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