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Music at Bateman Primary is about building a community of musicians and developing a positive, supportive mindset towards performance. We aim to provide opportunities for all students, no matter their speciality or experience level.

Our Instrumental Music program provides opportunities for selected students in Years 3-6 to learn a wide variety of orchestral instruments, such as string (violin, viola, cello, double bass), brass (trumpet) and woodwind (clarinet).

In the classroom, we use a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies, including the incorporation of ICT, tuned and untuned percussion instruments, and opportunities for composition, rehearsal, and performance.

Year 1/2 students will be introduced to the musical elements of beat & rhythm, and pitch & melody. They will experience listening, singing, moving, playing and creating, as well as responding to the arts.

Year 3/4 students will learn about the musical elements of beat & rhythm, pitch & melody, harmony, form, dynamics, tempo, tone colour and texture. They will experience listening, singing, moving, playing, creating, reading and writing music, as well as responding to the arts.

Year 5/6 students will build on their knowledge of the musical elements, incorporate the arts practice into their lessons as well as responding to the arts through criticisms, aesthetics, context and style.

Each fortnight, all students learn and rehearse a new Community Song, a popular tune with a positive underlying message. Students are also given the opportunity to choreograph the dance moves to the community song as part of their Arts Practice. This is then performed as a whole school at the conclusion of each assembly, giving every student a chance to perform.

Our Junior and Senior Choirs meet every Thursday morning before school. Students from Years 3-6 are given the opportunity to train and care for their voices and prepare music for performance.

This year, we have a special Bateman’s Got Talent (BGT) where we invite all aspiring performers to come and showcase their talents.

At Bateman, we work to grow an uplifting and welcoming community where we value the arts and its role in developing the whole child. We can’t wait to see what our students do next!


Miss Rachel Ee

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