School Banking

School Banking - Every Wednesday Morning

School Bankers can bank every week in the P&C Utility Room from 8:30 – 8:50am during school term.

Simply, fill out your yellow deposit book and place your deposit inside.  It is very important to also include your name and room number on the cover of your yellow deposit book so we know where to return it.  

Alternatively, place your yellow book in the P&C Orange Locked Box located at the admin office by 2.50pm Tuesdays, and your deposit will be processed on Wednesday.

School Banking Coordinators: Monique and Amy

How to get your child started:

Parents simply need to open a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver Account for their child.  This can be done at your local Commonwealth Bank or apply online.

Rewards Program:

To help reward individual savings efforts, every time a student makes a deposit into their Youthsaver account through School Banking, they will receive a silver Dollarmites token (maximum one token per week).  Once they have collected 10 tokens, they can redeem them for an exciting ‘savers theme’ reward item.  Two items are made available each term. Students also receive a certificate when they reach certain savings milestones.  There is a different ‘savers theme’ each year.

The Theme for 2020 is Treetop Savers:

Term 1 Rewards
Terry Denton's Activity Book
Mini Soccer Ball (size 2)

Term 2 Rewards
Treetop Stationery Set
Treetop Handball

Term 3 Rewards
Tomato Seed Kit
Magic Mist Drink Bottle

Term 4 Rewards
Snakes & Ladders Game
Emoji Wallet